As you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of Finnish players. As I was preparing for the Ducks-Wild game, I needed to make a sign for Saku Koivu. One of my twitter followers was quite helpful, and in the process told me what "Koivu" means in Finnish. This made me curious about other players' names, and without further ado, I present the list of of surname meanings.

Oh, and snark at will.


Saku and Mikko Koivu - "Birch tree" (This is the national tree of Finland, and is often used in saunas.) Saku is a diminutive of Sakari (Zachariah) and means "Yahweh remembers." Mikko is a short form of Mikael, which means "Who is like God?"

Hannu Toivinen - Hannu is the Finnish form of Johannes. Toivunen means "hope."

Jari Kurri - Jari is a diminutive form of Jalmari, which is derived from Hjalmar, which means "helmeted warrior."

Esa Tikkanen - Esa is the Finnish form of Isaiah, which means "salvation" or "the Lord helps me." Tikkanen means "little woodpecker."

Teppo Nieminem - Teppo is the Finnish form of Stephen, which means "crown." Niemen means "small peninsula."

Kimmo Timonen - Kimmo is a word used in Finnish folk poetry. Its meaning is uncertain. (Any Finns want to help out here?)

Kari Lehtonen - Kari is derived from Greek Macarius, which means "happy or blissful." Lehtonen means "leaflet."

Antti Niemi - Antti is the Finnish form of Andrew. Niemi means "cape, spit or point of land."

Teemu Selanne - Teemu is a diminutive of Nikodemus, which means "victory of the people." Selanne means "ridge"

Miikka Kiprusoff - Miikka is another diminutive of Mikael.

Olli Jokinen - Olli is derived form Old Norse, and means "ancestor's descendant."

Pekka Rinne - Pekka is the Finnish form of Peter, which mens "rock." Rinne means "hillside."

Anssi Salmela - Anssi is the Finnish form of Anslem, which means "helmet of God."Salmela means "sound or strait."

Ville Niemenin - Ville is a diminutive of Vilhelm, which means "will or desire." Niemenin means "small peninsula."

Aki Berg - Aki is a dimunitive of Joachim, which means "established by God."

Jarkko Ruutu - Jarkko is the diminutive of Jeremiah.

Tukka Rask - Tukka means "hair." Rask means "quick."


Dominik Hasek - Domink means "of the Lord." Hasek means "hare."

Petr Svoboda - "free man"

Martin Ruzicka - "little rose"

Jaromir Jagr - Jaromir means "fierce peace."

Petr Klima - Klima means "merciful, gentle."

Jiri Fischer - Jiri means "farmer." Fischer means "fisher."

Tomas Kopecky - Tomas means "twin." Kopecky means "who originated in hills."

The Stastnys - Stastny means "happy."

Petr Sykora - Sykora is the name of a bird, "chickadee."

Tomas Vanek - Vanek means "glory."

Marian Gaborik - Marian means "male."


Henrik Sedin - Henrik means "rich house" or "manor/court." Sedin appears to derive from Finnish, meaning "uncle" or "man"

Fredrik Modin - Fredrick is derived from ancient Germanic, meaning "rich shelter" or "powerful, mighty."

Magnus Paajarvi - Magnus is Latin for "great."

Andreas Lilja - Anreas means "man" or "warrior." Lilja means "lilly"

Mats Sundin - Mats is the Swedish form of Matthew, which means "gift from God." Sundin means "dweller near a sound or strait"

Henrik Lundqvuist - Lundqvist is a blended name. Lund means "grove." Qvist means "twig."

Niklas Kronwall - Not entirely sure. Kron means "crown," and Wall means "pasture," but ithe name is similar to a German name that means "headache."

Markus Naslund - Nas means "spit of land." Lund means "grove."

Henrik Zetterberg - Zetterberg is an "ornamental name" meaning "mountain pasture."

Daniel Alfredsson - Daniel means "God is my judge." Alfredsson means "son of Alfred"

Coming soon: French, Russian and other requested names.