There are certain things we come to expect when attending a hockey game. A few goals, a brilliant save here and there, a few heavy checks. What you don't expect is one of the coaches getting arrested mid-game. Certainly not at the semi-pro or pro level, anyway.

The Baltimore Orioles were hosting the Atlantic City Gulls on February 9, 1941. These two teams had a fierce rivalry, and on this particular night the Orioles needed a win for first place in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League.

The Gulls often had to fight Baltimore fans obstructing their path to and from the dressing room, flying garbage, dumped beer, fans, trying to yank sticks out of hands...just a typical night for the Gulls in Baltimore.

This is where Gulls coach Bert Corbeau enters the picture. No shrinking violet (Corbeau patrolled the Habs and leafs' blueline and earning 100 PIM a season in his prime and in offseasons he worked in a foundry), he waded into a struggle between Orioles fans and his players and punched a fan in the face as the team tried to make their way to the dressing room after the first period.

The fan promptly complained a nearby police officer, who arrested Corbeau on the spot on charges of disorderly conduct (why that and not assault is unclear). As Corbeau was being transported to the local precinct to be booked, his team decided they wouldn't play without their coach. And the Orioles, needing the win, agreed to wait for Corbeau's release and arrival. The fans, not wanting to miss out on the fun, also agreed to wait.

And so 3,000 fans and two teams simply waited for Bert Corbeau to come back.

He was booked and paid a $7.50 bond (roughly $121 in 2014) on the promise to appear for arraignment and trial the next day. After roughly an hour, he was back behind the Gulls' bench and the game began again.

Unfortunately for the Gulls, it did them no good, as they lost 5 to 1 and lost their star centre to a late-game head injury. Corbeau forfeited his bond, as he never appeared for court.