It all began with Al MacInnins and Gary Suter passing back and forth as they moved in on Kelly Hrudey during a five on three power play.

Then “Sutes gave him a one-timer and Al fired it off Kelly's mask and it smashed the glass behind him. Incredible," a wide-eyed Joel Otto recalled.

Kelly Hrudey remembers that shot well too, though he probably would like to forget the rest of the game if he hasn't already. Knocked into a daze early in the first, he came back to face 23 shots in a 19 minute span, a Gary Roberts hat trick, and faced 11 power plays on the way to a 7-2 Kings' loss.

And then there was the MacInnis shot that made everyone's jaw drop. Known for a blistering but accurate shot that once broke Mike Liut's helmet and knocked him senseless, it's completely understandable that Hrudey chose to duck when he saw MacInnis wind up. "It was coming at my head and I thought, 'there's no way I'm taking this one.'”

gif credit: @myregularface

Good choice.

One of the reporters covering the game, Steve Springer, wrote that he couldn't find anyone on either team who could remember seeing a player's shot shatter glass like that. MacInnis said he'd only done it in practice, but rarely because “there are players in front of the net, especially ours."

Years later, Scott Oake good-naturedly teased Hrudey during Hockey Night in Canada's After Hours program about ducking the shot. Hrudey revealed that his brother was at the game and afterwards they had dinner, where his brother promptly asked, “Did you really duck that shot?”

When MacInnis' number was to be retired, Kelly Hrudey revealed during an interview that a still from this game is one of only four hockey photos hanging in his home.