Poor Sergei Fedorov. A month ago, he had walked away from the CSKA team and the only world he had known. Now he was at his first Red Wings training camp with only the most basic English.

So it made sense that when he needed something, Fedorov would naturally turn to roommate Shawn Burr. Burr, after all, was supposed to be helping him with his English and get him acclimated to the team.

Despite Burr's efforts, it was apparent there were still a few important language gaps to cover. Especially when Sergei skated up to his roommate with an odd request:

"I need love."

Puzzled, Burr replied, "Sorry, Sergei, I can't help you."

So Sergei tried asking a few other teammates, who began wondering what exactly this Russian kid was up to. Finally, Fedorov dug out a Russian-English dictionary, and pointed to the right word.

A very relieved equipment manager then provided Fedorov with a new pair of gloves.

Later in the season, the team was passing through security at Dorval airport in Montreal. Per Djoos had set off the metal detector, to which Fedorov laughed "oh, bomb," a word he had heard Burr use the night before. Security was not amused and began to frisk both Djoos and Fedorov and searching their luggage. Coach Bryan Murray finally stepped in to exonerate the two.

Burr shouldered the blame for Sergei, saying "I feel so bad. I better watch it. But did you see what happens when I leave Sergei alone for a minute?"