Alex Delvecchio had a problem. It was 30 games into the 1969-70 season, and he had yet to score a goal.

Enter Miss America, Pam Eldred. She was a devoted Red Wings fan, and attended every home game. She felt sorry for Delvecchio, so she met with him, and gave him the Miss America lapel pin she had been given after her win. Alex thanked her, and pinned it to his suspenders.

As an extra good luck charm, one of the Joe Louis ushers sprayed Tabasco sauce all over his stick.

Finally, Delvecchio scored two goals against the Bruins on Deceber 31, 1969, the 34th game of a 76 game season. He returned the pin to Miss America with thanks, but we'll never know if it was her pin or the Tobasco sauce that did the trick.