This may be the best Bob Cole story I've ever heard. Courtesy of Classic Television Showbiz


Coley would settle in for a game. He’d get up in the booth and he’d undo his tie and he was getting ready to do his work. Sometimes to get really comfortable, he’d undo his belt.

So, there was a game against Quebec at Le Colisée … Coley’s up there calling the game and Mickey Redmond is his color guy. The game is intense. Coley would bounce up and down on his seat a lot. That was a part of his intensity … he’d really get into the game. He’d be body-checking.

A goal was scored and he shoots up out of his seat with excitement and in the small broadcast space that they’ve got him in, there’s these, sort of, plumbing pipes across the top. Coley fires up out of his seat in excitement and bangshis head on one of these pipes. Coley of course doesn’t have any padding in the way of hair that’s going to help. So he bangs his head and he’s sort of holding his head not saying anything and now his pants start to fall down because he undid his belt! He’s holding his head and his pants…

Mickey is looking at him and he can’t keep from laughing! He doesn’t want to laugh on the air, so Mickey can’t say anything. And the [production] truck is starting to yell at him. “What’s going on!? Here’s the replay! Say something about the replay! SAY SOMETHING!” Mickey can’t say anything and Coley is holding his head and trying to pull his pants up and the dust is raining down… (story told by Doug Beeforth)


Guess the lesson of the day is don't loosen your belt before calling a hockey game.