"I was born a fighter.When I was 14, I was fighting guys who were 20 and I wasn't losing. With all the fights I've been in, I'm very lucky I didn't have a gun pulled on me or get stabbed. I'm lucky to be alive," Tie Domi said once. He wasn't talking about on-ice fights; he was talking about his old home territory of Keele and Dundas in toronto's West End.

He was never afraid to stand up for himself and his teammates when necessary, and he hated bullies. So when some Marines began picking on some of the Leafs players in a Chicago bar, Tie wasn't afraid to step in.

Tie said, "Hey, what's going on?" One of the Marines replied, "Hey, you ***** midget, this is none of your business." to which Tie replied, "It is now."

Somehow, they decided that the biggest guy from the group of Marines would punch Tie and Tie would then punch him.

The Marine punched Tie in the face and Tie just looked at him and said, "That's not your best shot. I'll give you one more."

It appears the Marine had broken his hand and his buddies were thinking, "Oh, ****, it looks like we picked on the wrong midget." The Marine couldn't punch with his right hand, so he gave Tie a baby punch with his left. Tie then pummelled the Marine until he begged Tie to stop.

Just business as usual for Tie.