Sometimes I find some beautiful quotes in my research. Even though I share them on twitter,  I have compiled them here without the 140 character limit and a bit of commentary. Enjoy!

"It would have been worse if we hadn't blocked the kick after Toronto's second touchdown." -Red Wings Alex Delvecchio after a 13-0 loss to the Leafs. Might as well hav a sense of humor, right?

"I told her they must all be sold out.” -Leafs Wade Belak to his mom on not finding his sweater in the Air Canada Centre shop. Poor mom.

"If it's like kissing your sister, we're just going to have to marry the girl because this is getting obscene.” -Paul Maurice on the Canes' league-leading 14 ties that season. No comment.

"It's almost as if we're going to have to put the puck in our mouth and dive into the net.” -Atlanta Flames coach Greg Gilbert on scoring woes. Is that actually against the rules?

''No, I don't fight anybody I played against in Juniors. I think everyone I played Juniors with is dead now.” -Kings Kelly Buchberger, at that point a 16 year veteran of the NHL. Nah, they're just playing beer league.

"So what? I can play 'Smoke on the Water.'" -Islanders Garth Snow on giving up a goal to a Nickelback muscian in scrimmage. Big points to Garth on that one.

"What does it mean? It means I'm that much closer to getting fired.” -Minnesota Wild coach Jacques Lemaire on coaching his 600th game. Forever known as a mischievous player, then coach.

“Bud Light.” - Keith Tkachuk on his favourite sports drink in the #St. Louis Blues media guide.  Um, insert your own joke here.

"You hope someday you'll be in a magazine. Of course, your mom hopes it's Sports Illustrated."- Avs Dan Hinote on being interviewed by Penthouse. Most. Awkward. Phone call. Ever.

"I don't understand all the words yet. So I smile at them and then I go score goal." -rookie Ilya Kovalchuk on being harassed by opposition. When in doubt, smile, nod, then piss them off?

"My son wants to be a goalie. I'm trying to deter him from that.” - former NHL goalie Roman Turek. Can we really blame him?

"I know you're a Sutter. I don't know which one, but I know you're a Sutter."- Molson Centre security guard to Panthers coach Duane Sutter.